The Man Cave

Where is the MAN's Space?

ManCave Graphic

Payne Family Homes is debuting an all new concept in St. Louis new home design-the perfect place for a ManCave. In a tandem garage, an extra bay extends from the back so that two cars may be parked bumper to bumper.

breckenridge_ii-first_floor_plan-4-car_tandem_garage-edited_(custom)_(2).jpgTypically, you'll see this space being used to park lawnmowers, boats, motorcyles, ATVs and even other vehicles. Now, you have the opportunity to turn this space in your new home into something more.


Garage or Basement?

We've heard the term "ManCave" for a long time now and normally the basement has been reserved for this space. Why not build your ManCave in a space that's already included in 5 new home floorplans with Payne Family Homes?

Here's a few benefits of using the tandem garage space for your future ManCave:

  • Less expensive to finish
  • Easy access to outside
  • Better ventilation
  • Increased ceiling height
  • Easy temperature control
  • Easier to clean up


How can you use the ManCave?

You can use the tandem garage space for virtually anything you want in creating the ManCave of your dreams.

With endless possibilities, we thought we'd give you a few ideas:

istock_000006403258small-s.jpg Golf Simulator Room              istock_000001315026small-s.jpg Mechanic Space

istock_000003586922small-s.jpg Band Room                                istock_000007291023small-s.jpg Workout Room

istock_000018805794small-s.jpg  Poker Room                             istock_000037348386small-s.jpg Video Game Room

istock_000018096142small-s.jpg Game Hunting Room               istock_000014669643small-s.jpg Cigar Room


 How can Payne Family Homes help you create your ManCave?

Payne Family Homes partners with Chic Lumber and various other vendors and suppliers to put together any one of the endless list of ideas that you can dream of for this 10x20 space. We can help you with the basic build out and provide you recommendations from a list of partner vendors to finish the space.

Some of the ways Payne Family Homes can help you create your ManCave include:

  • Sound Proofing
  • External Exhaust System
  • Plumbing
  • Dedicated Electrical Service
  • Heating and Cooling
  • Waterproof/Rubber/High Impact Flooring
  • Additional Truss Bracing
  • Additional Lighting
  • Wall Reinforcement/Padding
  • Drywall and Insulation
  • Additional Framing
  • Access Door to Exterior

One Feature. Five Floorplans. Endless Possibilities. 

The Tandem Garage space comes included on 5 of our most popular floorplans in the St. Louis area: the Breckenridge II, Bristol II, Geneva II, Meridian II and Montego II.

The floorplans are available at the following communities:

The Tandem Garage space is available in only the Geneva II and Ashton II models at The Villages of Provence.

This ManCave is the perfect mix of tool shop and hangout-complete with a television, seating, wall and cabinet storage, a beer tap and more!