Don’t Fence Godzilla In (Just Turn The Sprinklers On Him)

There’s much rejoicing going on all over the St. Louis region this week. Is it a Cardinals winning streak? (No…but it’s early, people. Stay calm and cheer on the Redbirds!) New flavors at Ted Drewes? (Peanut butter and the new Muddy Mississippi concrete, BTW – start planning your next visit.)

YetiIt’s even better…it’s Spring! (OK, since we went straight from freezing temps to 90 degrees, maybe we just had spring for 10 minutes and we’re actually already into summer, but we’re not even daring to quibble with Mother Nature at this point.) The brown landscape that we’ve been staring at for 27 months (that is not an exaggeration) is finally giving way to a color cornucopia of blooming flowers and green-tipped trees, and we can finally put to rest the fairly substantiated rumor that a giant Yeti had picked us up in the dead of night and transplanted us to the Alaskan tundra.

(C’mon, admit it – this winter dragged on so long that, in a moment of frigid desperation facing yet another day of bone-chilling cold and gray skies, you thought the Yeti transplant story might have merit.)

Godzilla(OK, so maybe it was Godzilla instead of a Yeti in your mind, but still.)

All of us at Payne Family Homes are ready to celebrate spring/summer/anything but winter in the ‘Lou right along with you, which is why our May Flowers promotion is all about having a blast outside. For a limited time, sign a firm contract on a Payne to-be-built home and enjoy a fence and irrigation system upgrade that’ll have you spending as much time outdoors as you will indoors. Have pets and really need a fence? Love a beautiful, green, lush lawn to kick your shoes off and run your toes through all summer long? That irrigation system will help make your lawn so pretty even a Yeti wouldn’t dare step on it.

Godzilla maybe…he has horrible manners.

Payne May Flowers PromoSo come on out to any of our 17 Payne communities in St. Louis, St. Charles, and Jefferson Counties, sign a firm to-be-built contract, and start planning all the BBQs and block parties (neighborhood dogs welcome!) for years to come in your new Payne home. Not sure which community is right for you? Call us at 314-477-1218 for complete offer details and we’ll help you find the perfect community for your lifestyle.

We’ll even point out the nearest place to pick up a Ted Drewes Muddy Mississippi – Payne Family Homes prides itself on being full-service, after all.