Outdoor living trends were already popular, and they appear to be on the rise since the pandemic. As many families discover a newfound appreciation for shared moments, these trends provide some Father’s Day gift ideas that not only help us celebrate the dads in our lives, but also help us connect as families.

We asked our energy partner, Spire, what outdoor living trends they are seeing both locally and nationally that would not only make great gifts for dad, but be gifts that the entire family could enjoy?” Here are five of the most popular outdoor living trends Spire is seeing. 

Natural Gas Grill

A natural gas grill is a great choice for your dad because it takes all the mess and extra work out of grilling. Natural gas grills provide heat at the touch of a button, without having to wait for charcoal or pellets to warm up to grilling temperature. It’s easier to keep a consistent temperature, even at the high heat levels you’ll need for those steaks. And when the cooking is over, there’s no messy ash to dispose of.

Another benefit of a natural gas grill is that it hooks directly to your home’s gas supply—you’ll never have to run out for propane in the middle of the family get together or game day, and Dad will never have to stop and switch tanks when he finds yet another kind of food he can cook on his new grill. Also, natural gas generates fewer fumes than propane and less smoke than charcoal or pellets, meaning all your guests will smell is the delicious hot dogs they’re about to enjoy.

If you really want to go all out for Dad, you can supplement this gift with a sturdy apron and a set of long-handled grilling tools. Your dad will want to get going as soon as he takes the big, red bow off of his Father’s Day present.

Natural Gas Fire Pit

A natural gas fire pit is always great complement to the great outdoors, right there at home. It’s like a campfire in your back yard – without any mess to clean up and won’t leave your clothes and hair smelling like the actual campfire. And, since a fire pit that runs on natural gas doesn’t require any pre chopping or wood purchases, you can have those s’mores whenever you want them, at the push of a button. Summer evenings can be spent chasing fireflies and roasting marshmallows, while those chilly fall evenings can be spent watching football and roasting marshmallows. With a natural gas fire pit, it can always be s’mores season. 

Natural Gas Outdoor Heater

You’ll probably want to hold off putting this gift to use until later this year, but an outdoor heater can help you and your family continue to enjoy the company of friends and neighbors this fall while still practicing social distancing. These aren’t the humming, fume-spitting heaters you might be familiar with—these are silent, nearly fume-free patio accessories that heat up on demand, and create a warm, inviting social distancing-style option for your next fall or winter holiday gathering

Since natural gas outdoor heaters don’t require tanks or prefilling, you won’t need a special occasion to enjoy a warm patio on a cold day—there’s nothing like watching snowflakes fall while drinking a cup of cocoa and still being able to feel your toes afterward.

Again, this isn’t something you’re going to start using in June. But there’s no reason not to get it now so you’ll have it this fall.

Natural Gas Lights

Your dad doesn’t have to stop enjoying his new grill and fire pit just because the sun goes down. Gas lights will help keep the backyard fun until well into the night. A variety of different designs are available to suit your style—try a hanging lantern or a couple of wall sconces on your covered patio, or a streetlamp-style light or even a natural gas torch to light up your yard. It’s drama, it’s romance and it’s a way to keep your guests from stumbling through your flower beds in the dark.

And unlike other outdoor lighting options, the flame of a natural gas lantern doesn’t attract insects. So your evening outside will be charmingly lit, and your conversation won’t be interrupted by the snap of a bug zapper doing its job.

Natural Gas Quick Disconnect

One important accessory for all these great gifts is a natural gas quick disconnect outlet, which.  allows you to use one natural gas line or connection for multiple natural gas appliances, while having the ability to switch quickly between them. When you’re done with burgers and you’re ready for s’mores, a quick disconnect makes is easy and convenient to move from your grill to your fire pit without interrupting the party.

We’d like to thank Spire for helping us provide you with a list of Father’s Day gift ideas that can be enjoyed by the entire family for years to come. And we’d like to wish all the fathers out there, a Happy Father’s Day!