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Sometimes it feels like every summer day brings with it the threat of a rainy afternoon, with a “50-percent chance of afternoon thunderstorms” forecast to go with it. However accurate that might be, it isn’t very helpful when you’re planning your day. Even less helpful? The actual thunderstorms that sometimes do pop up. There go your afternoon plans. And, on occasion, your power lines.

Even the worst thunderstorm doesn’t have to cancel all of your afternoon plans, though, if you have natural gas appliances at home. With natural gas, the delivery system is underground, so you can rely on it even when the power goes out. We asked our energy partner, Spire, what we can do to stay productive in the face of an afternoon thunderstorm.

Cook a Romantic Dinner
There’s nothing like getting halfway through dinner when the power goes out and leaves you with a bunch of half-cooked ingredients on the stove. A natural gas stove lets you keep on cooking. Even if the power goes out mid-sauté, your natural gas stove will stay hot so you can get dinner on the table on time. A candlelight dinner seems a little less elegant when you’re eating peanut butter sandwiches, so having full use of your stove lets you make a dinner that’s delicious to eat, even if it’s hard to see in the dark.

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Take a Nice, Hot Bubble Bath
Maybe you want to follow up on your romantic dinner with a bubble bath for two, or maybe your duckie is your preferred bathtub companion. Either way, you can trust that your water will stay hot if you have a gas water heater. For a relaxing evening, storm notwithstanding, you just need a tub, your favorite bubbles, a good book, enough candlelight to read by, and some alone time.

Get the Family Cleaned Up
Are you a morning bather or an evening bather? Every family has their own system. If the power goes out right before bath time, you could be stuck without hot water, throwing the rest of your daily routine into chaos. A gas water heater makes sure you can get the kids cleaned up at night and in bed on time, which is essential for family harmony.

Also, if you have a lot of family members vying for showers, it helps that a natural gas water heater heats water up to twice as fast as electric, giving you hot water right when you need it. And a tankless water heater is especially beneficial for large families or multiple roommates—it heats water on demand, without a storage tank, providing a near-endless supply of shower power.

Make Lunch for Tomorrow
Whether you’re out and about or still sheltering at home, you probably have things to do—working, studying, volunteering, doing whatever you can to keep the kids entertained during their summer break. All of that goes a lot more smoothly when you have lunch prepared the night before. With a gas stove, you can take care of meal prep now and not have to put it off until the next morning. You’ll get to start your busy day with at least one thing checked off your list.

Wash Dishes
Without electricity, your dishwasher (if you have one) is out of commission. But with a natural gas water heater, you can still get plenty of hot water to wash your dinner dishes by hand. Sure, it’s less convenient than letting your appliance do it for you. But at least you won’t have to face a sink full of dishes in the morning (assuming the power is back on).

Have a Tea Party
Hey, why not? You have a functioning stove and no TV or Internet (and that phone is going to die if you keep using it—save your battery in case you need it). Make some tea, find some fairly bland cookies and a table full of companions (real or imaginary), and spend your evening being classy. Pinkies up!

(Just as a note: Etiquette experts insist that pinkies should actually not be up when you’re drinking tea. But this is your tea party, so you can do whatever you want.) 

Those annoying, seemingly inevitable afternoon thunderstorms don’t have to ruin your day. We’d like to thank Spire for the rainy-day suggestions and information that can make an afternoon without power a little more livable.