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Guest Blog Presented by Metro Lighting

Perhaps the most exciting part about building a new construction home is the opportunity to choose each of the colors, fixtures, and finishes throughout. Lighting is one of the finishes you’ll need to be prepared to select, but it can be overwhelming.

So, we’ve asked the experts at Metro Lighting to provide some education about lighting basics to help you choose the proper lighting by space and function.

Sarah King of Metro Lighting offers some insight on how effective lighting design contributes to the overall comfort, style, and functionality of your new Payne Family home. Here’s what she had to say:

What is light layering?
In lighting, there are three types of applications that fully complete the lighting design: Ambient light to provide general illumination and comfort, task lighting for utilitarian jobs and accent lighting to dress up any room. When these three elements are in harmony and executed correctly, it gives your space a depth and a “just right” feeling that is welcoming and comfortable. Incorporating SmartHome elements to your lighting also allows you to create different lighting schemes for different needs at the touch of a button. The experts at Metro Lighting are trained to help you achieve this room by room, and we’ve shared our knowledge with the Design Studio team at Payne Family Homes.

Light Layering by Room:
Below is a general suggested list of lighting by room to make sure you have your light layers covered, giving you maximum lighting choices.

Lighting Meridian II Owners Suite Bedroom

Things to consider: dressing, relaxing, reading

  • Ambient/Overall: chandelier or ceiling fan with a light kit
  • Task: sconces, recessed cans, portable lamp
  • Accent: lamps, wall washers, art lighting

Lighting Meridian II Owners Suite Bath

Things to consider: bathing/showering, applying makeup, using the toilet overnight

  • Ambient/Overall: ceiling fixture(s) spaced out depending on size of the room
  • Task: Vanity lights at eye or head height; recessed can lights
  • Accent: recessed can lights, lamp & dimmers

Lighting Meridian II View at Front Entry

Things to consider: eating, entertaining

  • Ambient/Overall: Statement Chandelier or multiple pendants complemented by recessed lighting
  • Task: Portable lamps or sconces flanking buffet or console
  • Accent: art lighting, or wall lights that highlight architectural elements, display shelves or cabinets

Lighting Meridian II View Down Hall

Living Room:
Things to consider: TV watching, entertaining, playing games, relaxing and reading

  • Ambient/Overall: Ceiling fixture(s) ceiling fan, semi-flush mount or flush mount determined by room size and ceiling height complemented by recessed lighting
  • Task: Recessed lighting and portable lamps
  • Accent: cove lighting, spotlight artwork, books or architectural elements

Lighting Meridian II Kitchen Pantry

Things to consider: Cooking, food prep, cleaning, reading or homework, entertaining

  • Overall: Fixtures and recessed lighting above main workspace and eating areas as necessary
  • Task: Undercabinet and pendant or recessed lighting above prep and other workspaces
  • Accent: in-cabinet lights or toe-kick lights

Today there are so many lighting options, choosing the perfect ones can be difficult! Metro Lighting and your new home experts at Payne Family Homes are always available to help!