Crews break ground on St. Charles St. Jude 2019 Dream Home

FOX2Now St. Louis – January 17th, 2019

ST. CHARLES – Groundbreaking of the 2019 St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway House took place Thursday.

FOX 2’s Kathrine Hessel was live in St. Charles, alongside several volunteer contractors and St. Jude representatives, who did the honors of breaking the ground for the house.

This is the 10th annual St. Jude Giveaway. Tickets go on sale later this year for $100 each. All proceeds go directly to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Video Transcription:

Katherine: Homes are always beautiful. Behind me you can see a wall of people. It won’t be like this for long. Eventually real walls will be standing in that space. Take a look this is what the 2019 St Jude dream home is going to look like now. It’s a three bedroom, three and a half bathroom house and is valued at about $487,000. Payne Family Home has built the past five homes. They’re doing it again this year. With me is Cindy Roche and Eva Fryar. Where do we even start in building a dream home?

Cyndie: Actually it comes with a lot of ideas not only from the general public from last year from walking and touring but our vendors and our trades bring their best game. It’s a lot of fun designing it and the layout of this one is spectacular. yeah I don’t know how much we want to reveal today but oh my gosh I’ve never seen anything like it

Katherine: Tell me how did the kind of all come together?

Eva: We design the home and then we just leave it up to our trades and really it’s all about our trade partners. They come together every year and give us full one hundred percent support. It’s amazing to see and I can’t wait for this year.

Katherine: It’s always like the best appliances the best-looking handrail and everything looks amazing I know this is a labor of love for you every year and can you believe you’re already back out here doing it again?

Cyndie: Actually we just said that this morning here we go again. Here we are taking a picture together on this groundbreaking every year for six years now and it is just amazing memories

Katherine: So ticket sales are going up in June and they’re only eleven thousand, but I am going to keep an eye on this whole process because it’s amazing to see the whole transformation of. As I said this morning, right now it’s just a gravel lot but that will change very very soon.