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The pantry is one of the most frequently used spaces in the home, so no wonder why it’s so difficult to keep it organized. The kids are in and out digging for breakfast foods and snacks as you’re trying to find what to make for dinner. Organized Living is here to help with seven easy tips to create an organized pantry that you’ll appreciate every day.

Creating zones.

The creation of zones is a perfect way to get started organizing your pantry. Creating a breakfast area for the kids, separating sauces and spices for dinner, and even having a dedicated spot for small kitchen appliances is a great way to see what you have and get to it easily. 

Adjustable storage.

When it comes to pantries, flexibility and adjustability are key. Food packaging comes in a variety of sizes, so it can be very difficult to fit and store everything. The freedomRail storage system is the perfect solution for pantries because it gives you the ability to adjust shelving and accessories with ease. 

Labeling is key. 

There’s no such thing as too many labels. Labeling clear containers, bins and baskets in your pantry is the perfect solution to having an organized space. Not only does it make finding food easier, but it’s pleasing to the eye! 

Think outside the box. 

Use the pantry as a space to get things done. Use a deep shelf at counter height to create a lunch packing station or morning beverage station. Store all the items you need to make your favorite cup of joe in the pantry right next to the coffeemaker.

Use accessories.

Maximize premium pantry space with an Under-Shelf Basket to store kitchen towels, dishes and more! There’s nothing better than having pantry accessories to optimize your space completely. 


Being able to access items quickly in your pantry is crucial. Make sure to store items that are used frequently at eye level. Foods like children’s snacks and breakfast items should be stored on a lower shelf so they can easily get to them.

Top shelf storage.

Take advantage of the top shelves in the pantry for items that aren’t used very often. For example store bulky toiletry items or serving pieces and dishes not frequently used such as wine glasses, fine china, cake plates, punch bowls, etc. 

It’s time to give your pantry a fresh start! Take advantage of these organization tips to maximize your storage space. There’s nothing better than having a clean, organized pantry and knowing exactly where everything is.