Functional Luxuries Included in Every Payne Family Home February 25, 2018, HOME Pages 1-2

Home shows. Display homes. Design magazines. Each features pristine, clutter-free, looks-like-noone- lives-here homes. But in reality, life is messy! It’s hard to maintain a clutter-free existence if you don’t have the functional space to make organizing easy and quick for the entire family.

Fortunately, when we create home plans at Payne Family Homes, there are a bunch of moms, dads, and busy professionals in the room. We encourage our team to contribute insights from their own lifestyles into every aspect of the home building process. The results are casually elegant homes where an integral part of the luxury included is the sheer functionality.

You’ll find these “functional luxuries” throughout Payne homes, including:
• Owner’s Entry – Stylish, attractive space which allows family members to organize their comings and goings without even realizing it.
• Ample Closet Space – It’s nearly impossible to have too much closet space.
• Big Kitchen Island – This is where dinner, homework, car-borrowing negotiations, and play-dough can peacefully coexist.
• Family Command Center – Keep bill pay, calendars, grocery lists, family notes and more in plain sight, yet out of view.
• Laundry Room Placement – The less laundry hauling required, the happier and more energetic everyone is. That’s why we design laundry rooms to follow the master suite.
• Optional Floor Plan Configurations and Functional Loft Spaces – Select plans allow anything from working at home, to house guests, to multi-generational living.
We get it. You want – no, need – an organized home to be the anchor for your busy life. That’s what we want for you too, so for the remainder of the month of February we’re making it easier than ever with our free finished lower rec room promotion or $15,000 in options at no added cost. Restrictions apply and time is limited, so give us a call now at 314-477-1218 to start planning your organized new home needs.