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It’s time to go crazy, folks! Oh, it’s on.

It’s on like Black Friday shopping for that 473” Smart TV with an attached nacho cheese fountain and NFL Sunday Ticket for life.
Go Crazy Folks

Go Crazy, Folks! Get 25% Off Unlimited Options Now for a Limited Time

It’s on like that stuffing your face meal – with a death-by-chocolate dessert – after a looooong week of dieting by eating celery and ice cubes for dinner every night.

It’s on like all those years of driving that Mom Van with cheerios, legos, and cheeto-dust stuffed into every crack and the permeating stench of sweaty football pads that requires a hazmat breathing device to even be in a 10 yard radius of the vehicle, before you leave it at the hazardous waste facility and drive off in a brand-new, plush leather, cherry red convertible that instantly makes you look 10 years younger when you sit in the driver’s seat.

If you’re thinking about building a new home, it’s so on right now – and it’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss. Right now at Payne Family Homes, you can get 25 percent off options. Unlimited options.
No, seriously – unlimited options.

There’s no limit. No dollar caps. No settling for a few of your “must haves” from some short options list. Choose your options and keep choosing – they’re 25 percent off!

Kohler plumbing fixtures. Open staircase. Walk-out foundation. Princess suite. 25 percent off.

Stone and brick elevations. Patio. Finished lower level. Three car garage. Yep, you guessed it – 25 percent off.

Want it all? Take it! And, take 25 percent off.

Clearly, we’ve thrown down the gauntlet of “it’s on” – so y’all just cannot let this go by. Use these special savings to come plan the home you’ve been waiting for at Payne Family Homes, and you might even be able to carve out a special place for the TV with the nacho cheese fountain. (You’re on your own, however, for the inevitable marriage counseling that will accompany said TV/cheese fountain placement – we can only do so much.)

Some exclusions apply. Offer for a limited time only – may expire without notice. See community manager or Call / Text 314-477-1218 or chat with us now for additional offer details.