Let It Snow!

If you’ve ever experienced winter in St. Louis, you know we can go from 75 degrees and sunny to -10 and blizzard conditions in about 15 minutes. Think of it as our way of going over and above to make sure all those who live here because they enjoy having all four seasons get all they want and more.

We’re just givers that way. You’re welcome.

Know how to increase your “enjoyment” of our winter snow, ice, freezing rain, sleet, random tornadoes, and thunder-snow? (Seriously, it’s a thing.) Just sit back with a warm cup of something in front of a nice fire and enjoy it – without having to actually clean it off anything. No shoveling sidewalks, no breaking up sheets of ice on your driveway, no getting stuck in your home for days because community roads are the last cleaned off.

I know what you’re wondering.

“Where is this glorious utopia of which you speak and when can I move in?”

We have many, my friend – it’s called villa living, and Payne Family Homes is developing a number of new carefree communities for you to enjoy. With carefree living, a lot of the “outdoor stuff” in home-ownership is taken care of for you – landscaping, lawn care, and yes, snow removal. All winter long, while your friends risk heart attacks and frostbite out in the frozen tundra of our region (tundra…river valley…let’s not get hung up on specifics), you’ll be nice and cozy inside your casually elegant Payne detached villa or condo home enjoying the beautiful snowy vistas, sipping a hot drink, and whipping up another batch of french toast, just because you can.

Sounds pretty darn wonderful, doesn’t it? It’s even better in real life, and you can experience it in these beautiful Payne communities:

Think about it – you’ll get a whole bunch more enjoyment out of those four seasons if you’re not risking frozen appendages just to experience them. Give us a call at 314-477-1218, visit any of our carefree communities, and give away your snow shovels and snow blowers – you won’t be needing them anymore in your new Payne Family Home!