Make Your Bathroom Smarter with Kohler Konnect Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror

FOX2 Now – STL POSTED 9:50 AM, AUGUST 17, 2018

ST. LOUIS- Fairytales do come true or at least they do when it comes to finding a mirror that does more than reflecting an image.

Jason Keller of Kohler`s Innovations Lab and Cyndie Roche of Payne Family Homes demonstrated how the Koher Konnect Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror with built-in Alexa.

With the help of Alexa, The Kohler Konnect appliances can be given various voice commands to perform specific tasks.  The Verdera mirror gives users the power to check the local traffic report, weather forecast, and add items to their shopping lists, all while moving through their morning routine.

The line includes a shower, a bathtub, two toilets, a mirror, and a kitchen sink.

Every Payne Family Home is constructed including Kohler plumbing fixtures and faucets as a standard included feature.