No Sweat, No Dirt, No Problem – Villa Living With Payne Family Homes

Summer. Such a beautiful word for a beautiful time of year. The kids are playing, outdoor activities are calling, the grass is growing…and growing…and growing.

And growing.

Along with the flowers. And the weeds.

Did we mention that big pile of mulch that still needs to be spread?

If you just started twitching at the mention of yard work, and you’re sick of spending your precious weekend time working in your yard instead of playing with your kids (or grandkids) and enjoying all the summer fun, Payne Family Homes has the ultimate homeowner solution for you – villa living.

Get ready for this – it’ll be music to your ears. When you own a Payne detached villa home, you get all the beauty and quality of our homes, with the added bonus of lawn, landscape, irrigation, and snow removal services built in (pun very intended). You get innovative design, open floor plans, luxuries built in all over the place, and no yard work.

No mowing. No weeding. No planting. No sweating in sweltering temperatures for hours every weekend or getting up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday to avoid the probability of heatstroke while mowing. And weeding. And planting.

You can sleep in. You can take your dog for a leisurely walk. You can kick back with a cup of coffee and your favorite book on your patio or porch. You can go to your kids’ baseball and soccer games without rushing to and/or from to get back to your yard work. You can take your grandkids out for all kinds of fun. You can go “play” all day at the wineries with that special someone.

You see where we’re going with this?

Get your life back with a villa home, and get a stunning, luxury-filled new home that you’ll love to come home to after a day of fun and relaxation. Where can you find such loveliness in homeownership? Come on out to Legends Pointe in O’Fallon – an entire detached villa community – and see the 114 homesites, the common ground (that you’ll actually have time to play in), the lake and walking trail that surrounds it (that you’ll actually have time to walk around more than once), and the community garden (where you can indulge your green thumb for fun, not because you have to just to keep the pros from DIY’s “Desperate Landscapes” from knocking on your door).

We also have villa homes in eight other Payne communities throughout St. Charles, St. Louis, and Jefferson counties, so if you’d like to learn more, call us at 314-477-1218 and we’ll help you find the perfect villa home in the perfect community for you.