The Executive Team

Lead by Ken Kruse, the PFH Executive Team has a vast and varied background. We love what we do and we look forward to you being a part of the family.

Ken Kruse, President
Tom Cummings, VP Land Acquisition
Eva Fryar, VP Construction Operations
Bill Allen, VP Land Development
Kevin Roy, Chief Financial Officer
Cyndie Roche, VP Sales & Marketing

The Construction Team

We couldn't ask for a more fun, knowledgeable, and committed team to build our distinctive, unique homes.

Ryan Barnoski, Superintendent
Dave Wilcockson, Superintendent
Scott Kerns, Area Construction Manager
Eva Fryar, VP Construction Operations
Dennis Gildea, Storm Water Manager
Josh Mueller, Superintendent
Tom Foster, Superintendent
Adam Smith, Superintendent
Jeff Vassalli, Superintendent

The Customer Care Team

It’s important to us that our homeowners are happy in their new Payne Family Home for years to come. That’s why our dedicated Customer Care Team continues to take care of you after your move with a 2-month & 11-month warranty walk-through.

John Rice, Customer Care Manager
Pam Lancaster, Customer Care Coordinator
Meg Belcher, Customer Care Coordinator