How to Simplify the Process of Building a New Home


ST. LOUIS — Looking to buy a new house? How about building a new home? There are many benefits to the latter. Representatives from Payne Family Homes will talk about how to “simplify the process” of building a new home.

Joining the show to walk us through that process is Cyndie Roche, the vice president of sales and marketing for Payne Family Homes.



Dan: Looking to buy a new home? How about building a new home for you? There are many benefits to building a new home. And, today we are going to talk about simplifying the process of building a new home.

Joining us to walk through that process is Cyndie Roche, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Payne Family Homes in St. Louis. Cyndie, thanks so much for being with us. Hi! How are you?

Tell us… define the process for us – if you will – of buying and building a new home.


Cyndie: You know, it can get a little scary. When you are looking at re-sale or a used home, what you see is what you get. But in this particular case, of building your new home, you have all these decisions to make, and you’re not really sure what it’s going to turn out like. So you really want to stick with a builder that’s going to walk you through that process and be a real person with you and with your family.


Dan: So the builder should be available. To the buying family?


Cyndie: Yes. Of course.


Dan: So what tips can you offer the buyer to simplify the steps of building a new home?


Cyndie: The very first thing you’ll want to know is how you want to live in your home. So personalizing the space becomes about how you want to live. Do you want to live on one level? Do you want the family to have the bedrooms upstairs? Do you need a hobby room for something special that you do with your family? And then really picking out those options or those details that make that home most livable for you.


Dan: You know once someone decides they want to purchase, to build a new home, they can get a bit anxious. A bit nervous. They start looking forward to the new home. I’ve purchased a number of homes. I’m sure you have too. You always want to drive by and see how it’s going. But, you know you can’t really be there every day. You’re just going to have to trust.


Cyndie: Absolutely. So what’s really important is that you have to trust your builder that you’re working with and make sure they are giving you the information that makes you feel confident about how the house is being built. But then also being included in the process, and that has so much to do with the builder that you’re working with. The options that you’re choosing, how you choose to finish that home, you should be able to see samples, you should be able to know what those colors are going to look like, so you can plan for what that space is going to look like in the end.

Dan: Payne Family Homes, a well-known home builder in the St. Louis area. What if you don’t know the builder that well? How do you find out more about the builder?


Cyndie: There are a couple of really good questions you should ask the builder that you want to sit down and talk to. What kind of communication can I expect from you? How often are you going to communicate with me? When will I get informed if there’s a problem? Because you know… there are a million pieces and parts that go into building a new home. There’s bound to be a problem. And, that’s ok as long as they are communicating with you about how they’re going to fix it. All those questions should be asked about up front so that you can feel very confident about how they are going to work with you.


Dan: You touched on this a bit earlier, but … the best way to get started to build a home. Before you build a home… is to make some decisions about that home, right? About your family, and your needs.


Cyndie: Absolutely, so if you’re going to invest the time in really building the dream home for you and your family, you want to know exactly how you want that home to live for you. Do you want a walk-out? Do you need a fenced in yard? Do you have animals that will make the move with you? So when you come and you sit down and you design that house for you and for your family, you know exactly who you’re going to serve. And we can address those priorities while we are picking out options.


Dan: Payne Family Homes offers that option to design your home?


Cyndie: Absolutely. You can personalize the home and its spaces to suit you and your family’s needs.