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2019 Realtor Expo
Payne Family Homes spreads joy at the Spring 2019 Realtor Expo

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2019 Realtor Reward Program

To show our appreciation and love for the St. Louis area Realtor Community, Payne Family Homes not only rewards loyal realtors for every single contract you bring to us after the first one, but your buyers are also rewarded for choosing a Payne home.

Now every repeat sale – every second, third, fourth, fifth… tenth or more contract – any registered realtor partner brings to Payne Family Homes earns a $500 Cash Bonus to the Realtor and a $500 Design Studio Credit to their Buyer. Realtor Rewards & Buyer Rewards will even be paid on top of any active Promotion.

2019 Realtor Rewards Program
First Sale Earns Realtor Commission

Whether representing a buyer building a new construction home with us or representing a buyer making a move into one of our quick close inventory homes, Payne Family Homes is proud to welcome realtor partners into any home sale transaction. We appreciate your support and eagerly pay realtor commission to all documented realtor partners.

Repeat Sales Earn Valuable Cash Rewards for You & Your Buyers

We are proud to express our level of gratitude for your loyalty and for continuously investing in the Payne Family Homes brand in this marketplace. Now we can extend a special reward that benefits both Buyer and Realtor, with not just a token of gratitude but something that adds real meaningful value to the transaction.

Finally in 2019, upgrades in our operating system allow us to manage this valuable rewards program to ensure that absolutely no qualified realtor partner or qualified buyer gets skipped in receiving the benefit of valuable rewards.

It’s critical to us that Realtors are clear in our level of gratitude for your loyalty and continued partnership. Equally important is our desire to reward your buyers for their trust and faith in the Payne buying experience, their desire to own the remarkable quality of construction we take pride in delivering, and for counting on the intentional level of care that we build into our homes. We appreciate that you and your Buyers choose Payne Family Homes and we look forward to working with you in 2019.